TEXAS VIEW: Who is a socialist now? What happened to capitalism?

If one needs proof of how our times are turned upside down, consider the spectacle that Americans witness daily where elected officials seeking to score political points do not work towards the “general welfare” cited in the Constitution of the United States. United States, not towards the sanctity of life pressed by the Bible, but towards greater danger to the public. Final example: Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, who once again betrays the very socialist characteristics he and other Republicans so often attribute to Democrats.

Bowing to the whims of a radicalized Texas Republican Party in a state where 69,000 of our friends, colleagues and neighbors have died from COVID-19, Abbott played the socialist tyrant last week, ordering that “no entity in Texas shall may require the reception of a COVID-19 vaccine by anyone, including an employee or consumer. ”In short, it demands that companies stop protecting their own employees through private vaccines – and thus jeopardize effectiveness , productivity and viability of the company.

We recognize the debate over government-mandated COVID-19 vaccinations. But Abbott is shaking up the old Republican principle that businesses should be free from onerous government regulations that interfere with a vibrant capitalist society. Many companies mandate vaccinations themselves because they want environments in which employees are significantly protected from the spread of a highly contagious and potentially disabling virus.

Such workplace mandates are good business, especially when undertaken by savvy business owners and owners, not the almighty and omnipotent state.

Yes, some oppose company-mandated vaccinations, including the decision of local hospitals to mandate vaccination of staff and contract labor. Yet these workplace decisions are primarily made not only to protect a valuable workforce that is so often overburdened, but also to reduce the possibility of unvaccinated employees infecting innocent customers who should be able to walk into a business. being sure they won’t come out with COVID-19.

For all but the blind, what is happening is obvious. We marvel at how quickly the Republican Party continues to stake its conservative tenets, one by one. Abbott’s order is clearly issued in his fear of Allen West, a challenger in the 2022 primary and right-wing agitator recently hospitalized with COVID-19, as well as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, likely rival for the Republican presidential nomination of 2024 and now busy compromising public safety throughout the Sunshine State.

And if the lives of Abbott’s constituents are to be put at the stake for his political ambitions, so be it.

As one Democratic Democrat joked, it is indeed a curious strategy that seems to want to eliminate many of the Republican Party’s own followers. The “Don’t Tread On Me” crowd should be angry, but they are no longer interested in preserving capitalism but rather in a form of absolute individual freedom that sacrifices everyone and their dog. For those of us who grew up in Republican environments where personal freedom was perfectly balanced with the public good, one wonders more and more if the Republican Party can rally to the socialist malignancy that is now infecting it.

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