Stakeholder capitalism is communism in disguise

The World Economic Forum has this push to replace shareholder capitalism with stakeholder capitalism – and it’s a disguised way of saying that the World Economic Forum is quickly pushing to replace capitalism with communism.

The devil is in the details. The writing is on the wall. This awakened corporate climate in America did not come out of nowhere.

“The good of a business is defined not only by its financial success, but also by the impact it has on our environment and our communities,” Bill Thomas, CEO of KPMG International, wrote on the Forum website. global economy. “But if you can’t measure it, it’s hard to change it. This is why comparable, transparent and unified ESG indicators are so important. “

What does it mean ?

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance. So when the idiots working with WEF say that ESGs rather than profits – or more than profits – should be the determining factor in a company’s success, what they are advocating is a new way of doing business. Free markets depend on companies offering something that consumers find of sufficient value to be willing to pay hard cash to get it; free markets are clean, pure, honest that way.

Now integrate environmental regulatory compliance.

Now start the Black Lives Matter agenda.

Now add the vaccine warrants.

Now add any number of items from the social justice wishlist led by government activists, and put them in the hands of the company to provide – then change the definition of business success to assess more social justice cause, less profit versus loss. And then – and this is the big deal – then recognize and reward companies for their social justice successes using the carrots of big government. Tax breaks. Promote zoning and permit applications. Etc.

Those who don’t take carrots?

This is the stick for them. It is the main force behind the government’s crackdown on all business matters. Do you think the coronavirus has given the government the ability to shut down what should be the individual’s God-given right to work and earn? Wait for the system of business itself to change, to the point that only those who play the game can win it.

“The value of universal and common standards,” as the WEF writes.

“By ensuring that the market is fed with accurate information, we can work towards correcting certain societal inequalities by harnessing the power of capitalism and refocusing it on creating long-term value,” wrote Thomas on the WEF site.

Here are the threats to US market freedoms: “Businesses driven by purpose are likely to be more resilient than those that do not embrace the people and the planet. Investors recognize this. We support the efforts of the WEF to … [develop] comprehensive ESG measures and I think that will be a step forward for a sustainable world, ”wrote Anand Mahindra, president of the Mahindra group, on the WEF website.

In a stakeholder system envisioned by the WEF, banks would not lend to companies that do not comply, for example, with climate change policies or, for example, with vaccination mandates. Investors would not invest if the WEF did not approve. Insurers wouldn’t insure – governments wouldn’t allow – developers wouldn’t develop – builders wouldn’t build – and so on and so on. The government, through business partners and friends, would be the behind-the-scenes puller. And you better believe this: The only companies that would fit into this new government-run system would be the leftists.

Jack Dorsey, in charge of the American free market. What a scenario. What a socialist, communist, Marxist scenario.

No more free markets.

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