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What the left can learn from “socialist” countries

Can the left learn from the countries it likes to claim as the success stories of democratic socialism – Norway, Sweden and Denmark? Under the banner of democratic socialism, the left promotes a social and economic order based on central control of resources, equitable distribution, racial equality, operating under a centrally planned economy and nationalized means of production.

The above Scandinavian countries have high taxes and generous social programs. They also have vibrant and prosperous private sectors and market economies. Sweden has decided to privatize its education and health care and reduce its taxes. Thus, Sweden is able to generate the tax revenues necessary to support its social spending.

A better description of the popular democratic socialist countries of the left is “compassionate capitalists”.

Larry Roche


Irony in the news

Did anyone else catch the irony on the front page of the November 2 newspaper of a headline announcing that 5 million people worldwide have now died from COVID, right next to another? article on our citizens in Larimer County protesting against vaccine and maximum requirements?

Instead of protesting our elected officials trying to control the spread of the virus for our own safety, we should protest those whose insistence on ignoring science and common sense is helping this virus disrupt our lives with over 100 currently hospitalized and over 300 deaths in Larimer County alone.

Paul johnson

Land of love

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