Socialism can be used to spread the benefits of capitalism throughout society

FILE – This October 16, 2006 file photo shows the charging bull in lower Manhattan in New York City. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Capitalism promotes the individual and encourages selfishness. Socialism promotes the group and encourages supporting and relying on others. Pure capitalism is the law of the jungle, dog eat dog, fuck you while I have mine. Pure socialism ignores the human need to improve its own condition through its own efforts. It takes away private property, restricts choice and stifles innovation. Neither system works well on its own.

The best systems allow private property but enact laws to protect non-owners from capitalist excesses and, through taxation, socialize aspects of society for the benefit of all citizens. Examples of socialism in today’s capitalist society include police and fire, schools, road construction and maintenance, sidewalks, national parks, social security, health insurance, veterans benefits and many others. The relationship between the capitalist and socialist aspects of society varies and must change as circumstances change.

In this country we have had 40 years of policies that have effectively created great wealth for some at the expense of too many of us. We must now change the system to help those who have stagnated or lost because of these policies. So, hooray for capitalism as long as socialism can be used to spread the benefits of capitalism throughout society.

Mark Mears, South Jordan

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