SELICK: This Thanksgiving, thank the remnants of capitalism

For many years, a family member has blessed the annual Thanksgiving meal by saying, “Give thanks to the remnants of capitalism for the delicious food we are about to consume.

He was clearly not in love with the increasingly socialist system we have lived in over the past decades, where governments manipulate the supply and price of everything from chickens to eggs, pork, dairy products, using marketing boards and quotas.

However, if we are to believe the threats to our way of life by the World Economic Forum (WEF), we haven’t seen anything yet. This may be one of the last years when the remnants of capitalism are even able to put a decent Thanksgiving meal on our tables, or keep us warm while we eat it.

World Economic Forum video

You’ve probably seen the notorious video (WEF) that’s been around for about a year. He predicts that by 2030, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” He adds, “You’ll eat a lot less meat… an occasional treat, not a staple. ”

Second, he predicts that international carbon emission policies “will help write fossil fuel history” without specifying what, if any, will take over for home heating in cold countries like ours. Neither does the EGF mention that removing fossil fuels from the market would drive thousands of unemployed Canadian workers and thousands of families into poverty.

Supermarkets and farmers’ markets are still full this year, but cracks in supply chains threaten to shatter into gaping holes. You just can’t shut down meat packing plants and factories, force almost everyone to stay home for weeks, and dump the water from the agricultural reservoir into the ocean without significantly disrupting the system.

Container ships continue to pile up on the west coast of North America laden with parts that farmers, factories and truckers need to run their equipment. The more things break down, the less food will be produced and the higher the price will be for what’s left.

During the great toilet paper scare of 2020, the mere rumor of a shortage knocked supplies off store shelves and sparked fist fights in store parking lots. Imagine this happening with meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and a myriad of other products. It won’t be pretty.

Christian Westbrook, also known as the “Ice Age Farm,” chronicles the economic nonsense inflicted on potential producers by governments around the world, and the dire results of these actions on the food supply. Its information, drawn from traditional information sources such as Bloomberg, The Economist, and British newspapers such as The daily mail and The Guardian, is sadly credible, but highly recommended. Its Telegram channel contains a long litany of obvious economic mistakes that governments of free societies should never make. Nonetheless, they make these mistakes every day, driven by the overtly socialist agenda of the WEF. We will feel the pain soon – maybe as early as next year.

As Thanksgiving 2021 approaches, several provincial governments have announced special closures to prevent people from enjoying the company of others during what is normally a family weekend.

Alberta, for example, limits indoor social gatherings to “two households (yours plus another) up to a maximum of 10 vaccinated people eligible for the vaccine.” [with] no restrictions for children under 12 years old. However, unvaccinated people are not allowed to attend social gatherings indoors at all. Legally, they are required to spend Thanksgiving in their own homes, in many cases alone. Outdoor gathering limits have been reduced to 20 people from the old limit of 200.

New Brunswick has passed the even more draconian executive order that indoor gatherings will be limited to members of the same household, regardless of vaccination status.

I shake my head in amazement whenever the premiers or their subordinates announce restrictions like this with a straight face. The limits they impose seem quite arbitrary. There have been no double-blind, placebo-controlled studies showing that viruses do not spread when gatherings are limited to 10 people, but spread like wildfire if an eleventh person walks into the room. . Likewise, no study has shown that it is more dangerous to have company for dinner in New Brunswick than in Alberta.

They never provide convincing data or calculations to justify their decrees, and in fact they cannot, for the reason I have already mentioned.

It is clearly not about protecting people from a virus. After all, weren’t vaccines supposed to do that? If they really worked as well as advertised, there should be no limit to vaxxed gatherings.

It’s about training people to obey bizarre government orders without question – the same kinds of orders that are rapidly destroying our economy.

So this year, no matter how many people gathered around your Thanksgiving table, give thanks to the remnants of capitalism that put food on your table. Take lots of photos, store your memories, and think about how to prepare for the bad years ahead when there will be little capitalism to thank and a lot less food in stores.

Karen Selick is a columnist for the Western Standard

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