SC’s Haley Calls GOP Economic Compromise “Light Socialism”

P2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley spoke on Wednesday against Republicans willing to compromise with Democrats on the economy.

Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador, has accused some conservatives of “backing up” when Democrats defend ideas that have socialist components.

“The right wing needs to regain its passion for economic freedom,” Haley told the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Freedom conference. “This is the only way to stop the socialist wave that is sweeping our country.”

Haley called 2020 the “year of socialism,” after Democrats won a majority in the United States House and Senate and President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump in November. Haley also called the Democratic Party a “socialist party” and accused them of “creating a country where dependency is the default.”

Specifically, Haley criticized Democrats for pushing legislation and spending plans with multi-billion dollar prices.

Haley accused some GOP members of compromising with Democrats and not taking hard capitalist positions. She said they were promoting “light socialism”.

Haley did not specifically name Republicans.

“The main reason socialism is gaining ground is that supporters of capitalism are too afraid to speak out,” Haley said.

Haley warned Republicans could lose the election if they come up with middle-of-the-road policies, like offering more social programs and less restrictive mandates for business.

“Winning an election is not enough,” Haley said. “Stopping the left won’t matter if the right has forgotten what it stands for. ”

Congress is currently considering two costly bills: a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill with bipartisan support and a progressive social safety net bill totaling $ 1.75 trillion.

The infrastructure bill passed Senate 69-30, supported by 19 Republican Senators, including US Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham.. Senators were able to find common ground after removing some of Biden’s climate change initiatives included in earlier versions of the bill.

The social spending bill proved even more controversial, sparking internal bickering within the Democratic Party itself. Bill includes money for paid family leave, tackling climate change, child care and universal kindergarten, expanding medicare and extended child tax credits .

The bill is being contested by Republicans.

Votes on both bills could take place as early as this week.

Haley urged Republicans to stay strong.

“Don’t crack. Not now, ever, ”Haley said. “You don’t cry in politics.

This story was originally published 3 November 2021 13:03.

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