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Socialism will destroy America

Today in the United States of America you hear that 50% of America wants everyone to live in a socialist America, and 50% want everyone to live in a free market capitalist economy. This is the reality we live with today.

A socialist America will have no method of determining the prices of goods and services. Without prices for goods and services, fundamental and crucial economic calculations (i.e. profit / loss, cost / sales) cannot be made. The whole system of free-market economic production will disappear, and man’s higher standard of living will be a thing of the past.

A socialist America will bring poverty and ugliness to the American people, their cities and states, and ultimately the whole country.

The beautiful but false socialist propaganda of the sweet life of man under socialism always sounds better than the real and real reality of economic destruction and the sad existence under socialism.

The mere lack of the system for economic calculations, socialism will bring havoc, social, economic and political destruction to America.

– Charles Bean, Terre Haute

Gruden does not represent America

Watching ESPN analysts discuss Jon Gruden’s horribly stupid and cruel behavior during his NFL career, in which he abused and denigrated a majority of categories of people who achieved protected status in the United States, I was prompted to write when a commentator said that “there are a great number of people who would defend Gruden”, and his lack of humanity and conscience, amoral, silly and callous.

I guess “a large number of people” could be a relative term in which percentages could be thrown out the window and 100 could be considered a large number of people, in a country of 330 million. However, I believe, in my opinion, that this is a major problem in today’s society.

In my opinion, any amount of racism represents ignorance, is unnatural, and is just plain wrong. I don’t believe, however, that given the possible sampling of the entire American population, that this country as a whole is racist, like a state.

The incidences of racism and any group promoting racism should be at the center of elimination. To say that this country is racist, and that this could be the basis for the successful election of a party of socialist convictions and the removal of constitutional rights, is simply wrong. In addition, it is extremely dangerous from the point of view of human rights and freedoms.

Liberal politicians would take a snapshot of an incident like Gruden’s ignorance (and yes, there are too many other similar incidents) and lead less informed people to believe that Gruden’s behavior is the norm in America. John Gruden’s personality is not the norm in America, nor should the snapshot of his behavior be used as a tool by liberal socialists to pit one group of Americans against another.

This is exactly, however, what Biden and his administration do most often. Racism, vaccination, the rich, it’s a long list.

The Gruden incident will dominate the news and be presented as typical behavior of white Americans all over this country. Yes, racism, bigotry and ignorance have a presence in this nation as in any “melting pot” like America. It is, in my opinion, not even close to representing the beliefs of a racial majority on earth, let alone in this currently misguided country.

– Jeffrey Aitken, Terre Haute

Personal choice vs. common good

I always thought that the best way to reach a Republican writer like Walt Conner was to confront him with the truth. Walt’s response to my letter was the usual “attack the messenger, not the message,” as his tirade was mostly derogatory comments.

Walt, like all other anti-vaccine anti-democrats, has played the old personal choice, the personal freedoms card to downplay the vaccine and the masks, despite concrete evidence they are protecting people.

Throughout history, personal choice, personal freedoms, have been supplanted by the common good of the masses. (I’m paraphrasing here). The common good of the masses was evident in the mandate that all children should be immunized in the “1950s”.

Thousands of people have been killed in car wrecks, and states have made seat belts mandatory. You can’t avoid wearing one because you say you don’t want to. If we all did what we wanted, we wouldn’t have civil society. Jim Jones and David Koresh are prime examples of what happens when personal choice and personal freedoms prevail.

I referred to Hitler in my article because Trump used the same tactics as Hitler and the GOP in Congress encouraged him.

There is no reason to believe that the next GOP chairman will not do the same, dictatorship will prevail.

White supremist groups and rabid Trump supporters have used force and violence to besiege our nation’s capital, provoked by Trump.

It was their personal choice and their freedom.

– Ron Hastings, Clinton

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