Rand Paul: Coronavirus antibody distribution could be blocked by socialism and other “political reasons”

Senator Rand Paul, a doctor who has been candidly critical of the Democratic Party’s policy and position on the coronavirus, appeared on “Hannity” Friday night to discuss the distribution of problematic monoclonal antibodies in the United States. Protects Americans from viruses.

Paul suggests that because the Democratic Party rules Washington, potentially life-saving antibodies can be distributed according to socialist thought rather than a capitalist agenda that emphasizes the basic concepts of supply and demand. low.

State warned of COVID-19 antibody drug deficiency

US Senator Rand Paul, R-KY: [You have to] Understand that this is the difference between socialized medicine and capitalism. Under capitalism, demand is increasing and Florida is currently experiencing increasing demand, but will increase supply. Supply corresponds to capitalist demand.

In socialism there are political reasons. Therefore, they may think that there are more lousy people in Florida, more Republicans, or more unvaccinated, unwashed people. Therefore, decisions are made for political reasons.

But if it is capitalism and it is in the market, the company will increase its production and distribute it where it is needed. It’s a rescue.

We also need to change the recommendations from Fauci and the CDC to allow people to accept them as inpatients. You can be an inpatient with relatively good oxygenation – talking but not yet using a ventilator – but if symptoms exceed 10 days, or the inpatient if they don’t.

You have 4 days of symptoms and can be admitted to the hospital. The symptoms are still present, but if the threshold for the emergency room at the hospital is exceeded, treatment will be refused.

There are a lot of bad things going on. Allowing the use of monoclonal antibodies can save many lives.

Watch the full video below:

Rand Paul: distribution of antibodies to coronavirus could be blocked by socialism and other “political reasons”

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