Poll: Majority of Democratic Voters Say America’s Economic System is Unfair

A majority of Democratic voters believe the U.S. economic system is unfair, according to a new Hill / HarrisX poll.

Fifty-seven percent of Democratic voters said the country’s economy was mostly or somewhat unfair, while 43 percent said it was mostly or somewhat fair. In contrast, seven in ten Republican voters said the US economic system was fair.

Independent voters were divided on the issue, 49 percent said the economic system is fair and 52 percent said it is unfair.

For all Americans, the March 1-2 survey found that 53 percent of registered voters said the U.S. economic system is largely or somewhat fair, while 47 percent said the opposite.

“Most Democrats think the economy is unfair while Republicans tend to think things are good, things are fair, things are not rigged, however you want to look at it. . I think this really reflects the current political climate and the message Democrats hear presidential candidates. If you’re a Republican, you hear. President TrumpDonald Trump Rittenhouse says Biden defamed his character by linking him to white supremacists Overnight Health Care – White House touts vaccination rate for federal government talk about how the economy is doing well, ”Mallory Newall, research director of Ipsos Public Affairs, told The Hill.

“On the Democratic side, there is certainly a higher level of animosity and anxiety about it, because they feel there is a deeper chasm of income inequality and they don’t accept the fact that the economy is doing well, ”she added.

The Democratic primary race has shrunk to three candidates, two of whom are vying for the majority of delegates: the former vice-president Joe bidenJoe Biden Rittenhouse says Biden defamed his character by linking him to white supremacists Man accused of threatening Congress sentenced to 19 months in prison 91 House Dems call on Senate to expand immigration protections in draft Biden PLUS spending law and sen. Bernie sandersBernie Sanders Progressive or moderate, Senate Democrats must move Biden Christie’s agenda forward: Trump must stop talking about “stolen” elections, focus on the future Biden PLUS benefits (I-Vermont). Sanders, who is behind in the race for delegates after last week’s Super Tuesday contests, has stepped up his attacks on the former vice president, criticizing him for taking money from billionaire donors.

Sanders, a Democratic socialist who has made tackling income inequality the centerpiece of his campaign, has accepted only small donations.

The Hill-HarrisX poll was conducted online among 1,037 registered voters between March 1 and March 2. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

—Gabriela Schulte

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