Poll: Americans prefer capitalism, free market to socialism, federal government | National

(The Center Square) – Gallup released a new poll Numbers Monday that measures Americans’ sentiment toward frequently used political terms such as “capitalism,” “socialism,” and more.

Notably, two terms tied for the bottom of the list.

“Socialism tied with ‘federal government’ as the lowest-rated of the six terms included in the 2021 survey,” Gallup said. “In contrast, Americans are more positive toward small business and free enterprise, while they are slightly more negative than positive toward large business.”

“Small business” has a 97% approval rating and “free enterprise” is viewed positively by 84% of Americans. “Socialism” and “federal government” only reach 38%

“Capitalism” has 60% popularity while “big business” has 46%.

“Since 2010, Gallup has measured basic Americans’ views on several economic or governmental terms, including capitalism and socialism,” Gallup said. “Their views on socialism have remained stable, even as Senator Bernie Sanders and progressive Democratic politicians have pursued an expanded government role in addressing health, poverty and early childhood education – policies that their critics describe as leading the United States toward socialism. Similarly, Americans’ views on capitalism have not changed, even with greater discussion of income inequality in the United States and the concentration of American wealth in a small percentage of people.

While some sentiments have remained stable, the preference for large companies has fallen from 52% to 46% this year.

“Just as Republicans are responsible for the overall decline in public trust in big business and satisfaction with corporate influence, shifting Republican opinions explain less positive perceptions of big business” , Gallup said. “Currently, 56% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, up from 72% in 2019, have a positive view of big business. Opinions of Democrats and Democratic leanings are stable at 36%. »