Plettenberg political movement promotes women-only candidatures for the municipality of Bitou

Through Siphokazi Vuso Sep 27, 2021

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CAPE TOWN – In a revolutionary attempt to inspire gender equality in politics, a newly formed political movement in Plettenberg Bay is only fielding female candidates in the seven wards of Bitou municipality for the upcoming local elections.

Ikhwezi Political Movement (IPM) President Nokuzola Kolwapi said it was imperative that women take the lead in all aspects of society.

The candidates will run in wards 1 to 7 of the municipality of Bitou.

“As we know, our democracy says that the majority must rule, and we understand that in South Africa black people are in the majority, and among that, women are in the majority in all races. So why shouldn’t women rule?

“Women are also those who contribute the most to the social aspects of society, and contribute so much to the well-being of society, starting with the education of children and bringing morals and values ​​to future generations,” said declared Kolwapi. .

“IPM has raised hope among women because it is they who are the mobilizers of resources in all aspects. When we recruited and brought in leaders, we expected people who were already resilient in their societies, people who were already doing the job, self-supporting or being resilient in society, and we found that these people were women. Therefore, we have female-led candidates in every neighborhood, ”she said.

The IPM pledged a people-centered government that would eliminate corruption in the launch of its manifesto recently.

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