The United States’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a disaster compared to other countries. This is because our political system values ​​economic production above all other considerations, including public health. Leaders from other countries, like New Zealand, have shown how to prioritize public health and have been politicallyRead More →

Our Island, a movement that seeks to create a new political ambition for the Isle of Wight based solely on the interests of the island and its people, has been officially launched. It will be promoted and carried out by “committed individuals working in a collaborative partnership”. This includes theRead More →

Shen fever is a fatal respiratory disease that disrupts the nervous system of its victims. Spread by fungal spores, the disease infects a person’s brain and effectively transforms them into harmless, slowly decomposing zombies. But don’t worry, it’s not real. Shen Fever is the coronavirus (COVID-19) of Breaking, a 2018Read More →

Eric Toussaint: In any case, in my opinion, revolutionary political organizations and all radical social movements must come together. We must break down the wall between political organizations and social movements. Political organizations need to understand that they do not have a monopoly on developing programmatic proposals. Social movements canRead More →