Our Island, a movement that seeks to create a new political ambition for the Isle of Wight based solely on the interests of the island and its people, has been officially launched.

It will be promoted and carried out by “committed individuals working in a collaborative partnership”. This includes the former independent head of the Isle of Wight Council, Jonathan Bacon.

Our island is currently recruiting candidates to run in the local elections in May 2021, when they aim to take control of the Council from the Conservatives. Phil Warren has already been selected to represent Ventnor & St Lawrence, while Laura Laurenson will represent the districts of Newchurch, Havenstreet and Ashey.

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Jonathan, who was in charge of the Council during the commissioning of the new floating bridge, said:

“My previous Council experience and my work in and with a number of parish and city councils has convinced me that we need to change the way things are done and the way things are organized on the Isle of Wight. My hope is to facilitate a movement that will unite those who believe things can and should be done better.

“We especially want to introduce new advisers and those who might previously have been discouraged from getting involved in politics by committing to changing the system so that it works for residents and not just politicians. We need innovative and creative people to help us move forward. The key to the goals and proposals that the movement is advancing is that residents and businesses must be engaged and involved in policy creation and decision making.

Our Island supporter, Neil Blues, said:

“I have lived, worked and raised my family on the island for the past 35 years. It is a great place to live outside of the politics of the island. During this time, I have kept a diary of the many costly taxpayer failures the Council and politicians have caused. It is time for a meaningful change for the betterment of all the inhabitants of our island.

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If you are interested in applying for our island email [email protected].

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