letter: socialism is necessary for a prosperous society | Letters

Without the left hand of socialism as a partner, the right hand of capitalism is incapable of doing all that needs to be done. The reason why it is important that India Walton be elected mayor, at least for now, is this. The downturn economy will never hit bottom, and it is important that bottom is hit. Therefore, the bottom-up economy should always be established as well.

Since Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, the myth that the ‘trickle down’ economy would benefit everyone has been treated as sacrosanct, and we have suffered devastating consequences, including a growing nation. socially, economically and politically divided, accelerated environmental destruction and paralysis. on the biggest problem of all: climate change.

Mayor Byron Brown has shown his true colors by selling fear of socialism since his first defeat. But an appropriate dose of socialism is needed to prevent capitalism from destroying a society in favor of a few. People as a whole are not good enough to take care of their neighbors on their own, so we have to establish systems for us to demand it of ourselves.

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