It’s a home war on capitalism

While Russia is waging war on Ukraine, President Joe Biden and Democratic Party politicians are waging war on America and capitalism.

The reduction in domestic oil and gas production has wreaked havoc on trade around the world, as if two years of the pandemic hadn’t hurt us enough. In the meantime, Biden continued to buy Russian oil to the tune of 600,000 barrels a day, essentially funding Vladimir Putin’s war. Buying oil from Venezuela and Iran is on the table, further enriching two other world dictators.

We have 10% and rising inflation. The Democrats claim, tax the billionaires, when it is us, the middle class, who bear the burden – the very people they claim to defend. As prices soar, tax revenues also increase. And who do the Democrats blame? Corporate greed, of course.

They are forcing Americans to go electric, “The Green Deal”. As I write this, my local gas station has regular gas for $6 a gallon. Wait for summer to come. People have complained about their skyrocketing home gas bills this winter. This administration bragging about issuing more drilling permits doesn’t reflect their order to stop fracking on federal lands, but your utility bill did.

Californians responded more than three decades ago. We switched to carpooling, carpooling, 9-80 and 4-10 working hours to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s never enough.

There is a schedule to beat. In 2025, the solar storms have peaked and we are returning to an 11-year cooling trend. Without a doubt in my mind, they will claim success and create another misery to contend with. In 11 years, most will have forgotten.

As the world emerges from a pandemic, “they” hit us with another one: energy. An extension of two-year lockdowns when the average Joe can’t afford to get to work or have a fun weekend. Doubling down, California is seeking draconian new Covid laws, with the dog piling on more restraints. None of these repressions are based on science; it is a belief system they admit to themselves.

Hank Schwarzbach