“Humans Of Capitalism”: 40 photos that look at capitalism from a sarcastic and ironic point of view (new photos)

Things feel pretty damn dystopian right now. Oh, capitalism has almost always seemed to have this edge of injustice and greed, but these days things are reaching nightmare levels of aaaaAAAA and No, my God, please, no! Inflation is rising its ugly head and many workers feel like their wallets are getting thinner and thinner. Energy prices are standing. The cost of rent is in place. Food prices rise faster than bread yeast. And the stock Exchange is in a pretty confusing place. So, yeah, things look pretty bleak. And with how everything costs a bit more, you (yes, you), have effectively taken a pay cut.

Angel, the founder and moderator of “The Humans of Capitalism” The Instagram page, documents the most egregious and dystopian examples of capitalism and corporatism, and shares them with their community of 351,000 followers. We’ve collected some of their best posts, showing the worst side of the reality you currently live in, to share with you today, Pandas. Scroll down to lose your faith in humanity (but if you want to come back later, check out our super healthy article full of great animals and people).

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During a previous in-depth interview, Angel, the founder of “Humans of Capitalism”, opened up about their project and shared his thoughts on the economy with Bored Panda.

“I was inspired by many things, like the absurdity of the current capitalist system and its flaws, the injustice that 99% of people experience every day while they are at work, shopping and at home”, they explained to us. had them create the Instagram page in the first place.

According to Angel, consumers are bombarded, relentlessly, with information to nurture their consumer minds so they can keep capitalism alive. this concept perfectly. I think everyone should watch it if they want to fight the urge to consume and control the mind,” they told us.

According to them, “human greed cannot be measured”, leading capitalism to evolve into corporatism.

“We often see many small businesses collapse because they are not able to fight the current trend or compete with the giant competitors. So they have two options, close the business or sell it,” said Angel pointed out, small businesses must constantly compete with well-established and powerful companies.

“We have many companies that have been bought by huge giants that I don’t want to mention and they won’t stop there, they’re trying to get their hands on any category of business. Is there Is there a solution for this?I believe there may be solutions, but the capitalists will work and find a way around those solutions and continue the destruction of the system while being totally ignorant about it.

According to them, all systems, whether capitalism or socialism, can eventually become corrupt. This happens when ‘bad’ behavior goes unpunished.

“If we go back to when socialism or communism was at its height, we can see that the top of the head of the system was corrupt and that brought the system down,” they pointed out, corruption was rampant in these countries. case.

According to Angel, humanity as a whole could be heading towards a “utopia” of “automated communism where machines will produce, deliver and take care of food supplies, clothing and health”. Although this still leaves the question of who will control the distribution system and how it works. This is where the power lies. Also, some people will eventually lose their jobs as they are replaced by machines.

“The idea of ​​having free food, water, health, clothes, that’s good and, in fact, if we take a closer look at the current system, we can see that more people are being laid off and being replaced by machines, for example we can see that McDonald’s workers are being laid off and have been replaced by machines that operate by touch or sound and they take orders, pass orders to employees, etc.”

The founder of “Humans of Capitalism” told Bored Panda that eventually more and more people will lose their jobs due to automation with little need for human intervention. In this way, companies will be able to maximize their profits and reduce labor costs.

“I believe that in 50 years, machines will provide food, clothing, health services and much more, with few or no employees to watch over them. But there is a problem with that. million people out of work and will cause huge riots as the famous quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau says: “When the people have no more to eat, they will eat the rich”.

You know, when we envisioned living in a cyberpunk dystopia, we thought we’d have a lot more neon lights and cool body modifications. Alas!

Tell us how you are coping with all the recent financial pressures, dear Pandas. Are you worried about the future or do you have hope? How do you stay optimistic in difficult times? What would you change about the way the world works if you could do something about it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.