Former presidential candidate Kabuleta launches economic and political movement

Joseph Kabuleta at the launch of NEED

Kampala. Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta announced his new political movement, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), as a strategy to address economic challenges in Uganda.

During the launch of NEED yesterday, September 28, 2021, Kabuleta said that the political scheme prioritizes politicians without office in government but influential in their sub-regions.

He urged them to engage the public in development and effective discussions, thereby mobilizing citizens to fight for their resources.

“On average, winners at parliamentary level get 30 to 35% of the overall votes; and the remaining 65-70% goes to the losers. As a result, this massive fraction of the electorate who voted for future silver and bronze medalists feels disenfranchised. Therefore, it is NECESSARY to harness these wonderful ideas of the finalists by providing a platform for them to express them, ”Kabuleta said.

The politician expressed that NEED will also focus on discussions aimed at changing political dynamics in 17 sub-regions.

“The people who have held us captive for three and a half decades seek to control not only our wealth, but also our conversation. They have the machinery to control the former, but we must never let them dominate the narrative. We know that any meaningful change starts with a conversation, ”he said.

Kabuleta said disadvantaged people can hardly aspire to better leadership and development if they are not well informed. Therefore, people should be made aware of natural resources in the respective regions as well.

“We should go back and create awareness, when people know it, they will fight for it. The people who take our resources have worked so hard to keep us poor because a poor person cannot have a meaningful conversation. Our country is being taken away from us, so we want to make sure that doesn’t happen, as a people we should start talking about things that matter, and what matters are resources. “

NEED noted that Ugandan politics are grounded in personality cults and the new dialogue will change the narrative.

“If we stay in the politics of personality, there is no guarantee that we will not replace Museveni with Museveni. In the next political regime, we want the issue of economic empowerment to come to the fore. “

Ali Babi, a member confirmed that NEED will change the mentalities of people, especially young people, to fight for their general natural wealth.

“Each region has its unique richness, so we are here to raise awareness of this richness so that people fight for it. Ultimately, we will all be economically self-sufficient, ”Babi explained.

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