Differences Between Communism, Socialism – Chico Enterprise-Record

I agree with the first two sentences of Jack McWherter’s February 9 letter on compromise. However, he leaves me no choice. I have to educate him.

First, socialism and communism are two different types of government. Jack, most of our government is socialist. Do you receive Medicare, drive on paved roads, pick up your children or grandchildren from school that the government pays for, walk in parks, bike paths and walkways, that you don’t not have to pave and maintain? It is socialism.

Communism is when you are ORDERED by the government. do what they tell you; example, you must wear your mask or you will be imprisoned. None of that…I don’t feel like it so I won’t…whine. What you are free to do now even if you make someone sick

What you think you want is fascism/capitalism (but only for 1% of the population). That’s when an impeached psychopathic ex-president DEMANDS to be put under scrutiny where he and his rich buddies can play golf all day while you’re told to work as a slave in the mines of coal. Socialism versus Fascism? Don’t worry, Jack. Keep your opinions to yourself if you know nothing about governments.

Incidentally, Hitler also took over and formed a fascist government by staging a Puche (German for coup). Compromising with power-hungry Republicans is out of the question! They don’t want democracy or socialism. They don’t even want communism. They want a FASCIST government! SWFTC (Stop watching Fox, Tucker Carlson.)

—Nancy Good, Chico