Studying socialism Ohio Wesleyan English Teacher to Discuss Karl Marx’s “English Utopia” on October 27 By Ohio Wesleyan University DELAWARE, Ohio – Mark Allison, Ph.D., professor at Ohio Wesleyan University, will discuss “Karl Marx’s English Utopia” when he presents the Benjamin T. Spencer 2021-2022 Lecture sponsored by the English DepartmentRead More →

Interview by Rune Møller Stahl Andreas Møller Mulvad Norwegian elections last month resulted in a landslide to the left, including a parliamentary breakthrough for the Socialist Red Party (Rødt). There are now social democratic governments in all five Nordic countries, with formations growing to their left that resist the subsequentRead More →

The German sociologist Werner Sombart posed a question over a century ago that has occupied social scientists ever since: why there was no American socialism. American sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset answered Sombart’s question with his theory of American “exceptionalism,” which suggested that a series of factors – the anti-state natureRead More →

Online video shows students at a prestigious American university near the nation’s capital touting the benefits of socialism and support the abolition of private property rights. “I am [a] socialist, “a Georgetown University student said in a video job through campus reform. “It’s sort of the only way to getRead More →

Former Vice President Mike Pence said the Biden administration’s adherence to “big government socialism” was reflected in nearly every political issue emanating from Washington, particularly the multi-trillion dollar spending proposal against to a possible vote in Congress this week. At a Wednesday night event celebrating the opening of Advancing AmericanRead More →

Senator Rand Paul, a doctor who has been candidly critical of the Democratic Party’s policy and position on the coronavirus, appeared on “Hannity” Friday night to discuss the distribution of problematic monoclonal antibodies in the United States. Protects Americans from viruses. Paul suggests that because the Democratic Party rules Washington,Read More →

With the World Bank ditching ease of doing business reporting, the spotlight is on the indicators used to rank the world’s countries. They are imperfect, but they serve a purpose, as Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar argues in his article in The Economic Times.. Besides the Ease of Doing Business Index, thereRead More →

Mahmudur Rahman | Posted: Sept. 23, 2021, 8:16 p.m. Fifty years after independence, the furrows on the head are still visible among day laborers. Better paid than they are and having given up farming to seek an elusive better life, their angst continues. The silent abandonment of socialism, even inRead More →

“We are the Socialist Equality Party, Fourth International, and we stand to give the generalized opposition to the right-wing politics of all parliamentary parties a socialist voice and perspective.” With this statement, SGP Vice-President Christoph Vandreier began his party’s presentation in an election broadcast on German public television on SeptemberRead More →

The signals are clear. The Chinese seek to pivot to socialism with, well, socialist characteristics. Now that the risk-reward ratio in terms of the benefits of state-controlled capitalism ~ rather erroneously called “socialism with Chinese characteristics” ~ has tilted in favor of the former with growing inequalities, cronyism and theRead More →

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., A physician who has openly criticized Democrats’ policies and positions regarding the coronavirus, appeared on “Hannity” Friday night where he discussed the problematic distribution in the United States of monoclonal antibodies that could help protect Americans against the virus. Paul suggested that with the DemocratsRead More →

Democracy exists if and when a community organizes its autonomy around the full participation, on an equal footing, of all members of the community. Its other, autocracy, exists when a community organizes (or allows) its governance by an individual or a subgroup of that community, a leader. Universal suffrage isRead More →

“Imagine socialism” Ohio Wesleyan English Teacher’s First Book Explores Early Socialism Writings By Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio Wesleyan professor Mark A. Allison’s new book examines British socialist writing through the long 19th century – the century of socialism’s origin. (Cover image courtesy of Oxford University Press) DELAWARE, Ohio – TheRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Members of the Socialist Party held a booth at the Oxford Brookes Freshers Fair on Monday, highlighting the need for a new socialist student society on campus. We made contact with around 20 students and had broad discussionsRead More →

Beijing’s recently launched “common prosperity” development model is clearly already having an impact. But do the West and its allies see it the right way? Nervous fund managers looking at their Chinese portfolios are tearing their hair out. And journalists associated with Western mainstream and corporate media such as theRead More →

Banaag at Sikat ”, the monumental novel that Lope K. Santos published in 1906, is the first great novel of the proletariat in Asia. Its two main characters, Delfin and Felipe, represent the twin poles of socialism and anarchy; the novel oscillated between these two poles. I translated this novelRead More →

What is socialism? For academics, it is a systematic way of organizing the distribution of goods and services. Former President Harry S. Truman said, referring to opponents of socialism: “Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps everyone.” Dr. Martin Luther King later ironically observed that, in light ofRead More →

Posted: 08/31/2021 15:25:36 PM Why do we progressives react on the defensive when we are accused of being socialists? We could explain that many systems of socialism include agreed economic policies and allocations under democratically elected governments. In contrast, under communism, the state controls property and resources. Communism has fascistRead More →

You may have heard Republicans in Congress complain that the Democrats’ agenda is filled with frightening “socialist” policies. We have socialism in this country, but these are not the policies of the Democrats. True socialism is well-being of companies. Thousands of large U.S. corporations rake in billions each year inRead More →

The spectacular fall of Kabul shocked everyone with its speed. Western media are garish and chirping about the seriousness of the incidents cited by the Taliban, but they are not yet very alarming. The Taliban are in power, not the US-backed Gani government. With the exception of the Panjshir, thereRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, August 11, 2021 Socialism 2021, photo Socialist Party In a world facing crisis on all fronts, the discussion of how socialist ideas can change the world is more necessary than ever. The Institute of Economic Affairs, a pro-capitalist think tank, recentlyRead More →

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JULY 01: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Manuel … [+] Velasquez / Getty Images) Getty Images Lately the terms capitalism and socialism have hovered over the social ether, usually inappropriately or as misinterpretations, but mostly as derogatory. For opponents, capitalism isRead More →