Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 22, 2021 Life expectancy is decreasing, and at a higher rate for the poorest (Click to enlarge) Nancy Taaffe, Socialist Party of Waltham Forest I often think when I hear that a member of the royal family has passed awayRead More →

– Counter Punch / Nathaniel St Clair DEMOCRACY exists if and when a community organizes its autonomy around the full participation, on an equal footing, of all members of the community. Its other, autocracy, exists when a community organizes (or allows) its governance by an individual or a subgroup ofRead More →

Much of the news from Republicans in Congress was about their attacks on the Democrats’ agenda, with many false allegations of frightening “socialist” policies. We have socialism in this country, but these are not policies promoted by the Democrats. Real socialism is the well-being of business. Thousands of large U.S.Read More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Join the Youth Fight for Jobs protests on October 9 Alex Smith, Socialist Party of Liverpool There are massive attacks on young people on the immediate horizon. The end of the increase in universal credit, scheduled for theRead More →