This is an article by World Review: The State of Democracy, a special section that examines politics and world affairs, and is published in conjunction with the annual Athens Forum on Democracy. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the gap between the haves and have-nots and questioned capitalism: this is theRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist, October 6, 2021 “Here is your opinion on plants” by Michael Pollan – posted by Allen Lane Commented by Dave Carr Is the C8H10N4O2 molecule – that’s caffeine for you and me – responsible for the slave trade, colonial wars, imperialism, increasedRead More →

Link to this page: Posted on October 5, 2021 16:37 GMT The Panama Papers revealed tax evasion abroad in 2016 (Click to enlarge) Expose it and fight for a socialist alternative Tony Saunois, IOC Secretary The explosive leak of 6.4 million documents and 1.2 million emails showing the grotesqueRead More →

The smartest insights and analytics from every standpoint gathered on the web: Chinese President Xi Jinping continues to disrupt “China’s decades-long evolution towards Western-style capitalism,” Lingling Wei told The Wall Street Journal. Last week, “Chinese government measures to control house prices” and limit debt sparked a dramatic cash flow crisisRead More →

On Saturday, the Women’s March will hold nationwide “mass mobilization events” in all 50 states to protest counterrevolution against reproductive rights in Texas, Mississippi and many other Republican-controlled states . Protests will take place before the Supreme Court resumes on October 4. In this file photo from June 30, 2021,Read More →

Chinese Economy Updates Sign up for myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Chinese economic news. The writer, global chief strategist of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, is the author of “The Ten Rules of Successful Nations” For much of this year, commentators have warned that falling yieldsRead More →

Fridays For Future, an international anti-climate change movement, called for protests around the world last week. In total, there have been 1,700 strikes and demonstrations around the world in more than 80 countries. In Germany alone, more than 620,000 people demonstrated in 470 cities. Members of the International Youth andRead More →

When I reflect on the state of our society, I sometimes worry about how far we have advanced technically, but seemingly backwards in at least two areas: fundamental economic fairness and in our most difficult relationships, marriage. and the family. Comedian Bill Maher is right when he was interviewed byRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 22, 2021 Life expectancy is decreasing, and at a higher rate for the poorest (Click to enlarge) Nancy Taaffe, Socialist Party of Waltham Forest I often think when I hear that a member of the royal family has passed awayRead More →

– Counter Punch / Nathaniel St Clair DEMOCRACY exists if and when a community organizes its autonomy around the full participation, on an equal footing, of all members of the community. Its other, autocracy, exists when a community organizes (or allows) its governance by an individual or a subgroup ofRead More →

Much of the news from Republicans in Congress was about their attacks on the Democrats’ agenda, with many false allegations of frightening “socialist” policies. We have socialism in this country, but these are not policies promoted by the Democrats. Real socialism is the well-being of business. Thousands of large U.S.Read More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Join the Youth Fight for Jobs protests on October 9 Alex Smith, Socialist Party of Liverpool There are massive attacks on young people on the immediate horizon. The end of the increase in universal credit, scheduled for theRead More →

Labor Day is here, and it’s about work in America. Our beloved workforce. Especially the middle-income American blue collar workers who have literally made this country a great country. They make our businesses work. They produce our goods and services. They are also the brave soldiers who defend our nationRead More →

Capitalism has lifted billions of people out of poverty, developed cutting-edge medicine that saves lives, and has been the driving force behind the technological revolution of the past two centuries. The accumulation of talent, education and productive capacity that follows capital investment created the technological leap that has taken ourRead More →

Loneliness is a global crisis. According to the UK campaign to end loneliness, 45% of adults “occasionally, sometimes or often feel alone in England”. In a 2019 poll, 22% of millennials said they had “no friends.” The World Health Organization has found that loneliness affects 20-34% of older people inRead More →

Before industrialization, societies were stationary. Growth subsequently became the new normal. The challenge was how to integrate it into conceptual thinking. The economy was invented for this. The early thinkers, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, introduced the market, the price mechanism and the division of labor explaining economic transactions andRead More →

Riane Eisler, JD, PhD (h), President, Center for Partnership Systems and Editor-in-Chief, … [+] Interdisciplinary journal of studies on partnerships Center for Partnership Studies Imagine a world where men and women share power equally. Consider what is possible in a time and place where male domination and violence are notRead More →

The social landscape of the contemporary Third World is defined by the existence of the following classes: an overexploited urban proletariat; a large peasantry; a group of owners; a petty bourgeoisie in white collar occupying administrative positions; and comprador capitalists closely aligned with multinational interests. China has tried to dissociateRead More →