Capitalism creates inequalities. Nature creates inequality. Different socio-economic systems reward different natural inequalities – intelligence, physical health, strength and beauty – with the incentives they create. Capitalism rewards the “bourgeois values” whose left makes fun of: economy, honesty, perseverance, hard work, prudence, tolerance and civility. Socialism rewards cruelty. Material inequalityRead More →

Several political commentators have recently speculated that neoliberalism is dead. It’s not. This arguably soulless economic philosophy is evident in the new US Supreme Court ruling that has disarmed the federal government’s best weapon against global climate change. The court ruled that without specific direction from Congress, the Environmental ProtectionRead More →

Placeholder while loading article actions You might expect to find skeptics of capitalism in sociology or anthropology departments – and let’s be honest, capitalism doesn’t have as many fans lately. But you would think that the basis of our great American economic system could at least count on the approvalRead More →

Gustavo Petro, candidate of the pseudo-left coalition Pacto Histórico (Historical Pact), was elected president of Colombia last Sunday. With 50.44% of the vote, he beat the fascist candidate Rodolfo Hernandéz, nicknamed the “Colombian Trump”, who obtained 47.04%. The result was heralded as the first victory for a “left-wing government” inRead More →

By Margaret Kimberly The following article was published on Black Agenda Report on May 29. The shortage of infant formula is not a problem in the system. It actually illustrates all that is wrong when the profit motive reigns. Capitalism cannot ensure a food supply or anything else that humansRead More →

Capitalism is dead in Australia. Long live capitalism. The economic system that made the West rich has been defeated – by itself. It was the election of new awakened capital vs old lazy capital which saw the new kids win while the old ones slept. Having recently watched the GreensRead More →

The era of modern American business is defined by CEOs celebrated for their wild growth, wild personalities, and wild wealth. Why is it important: Leading my second company as CEO, I am increasingly convinced that this model of fame, growth at all costs and growth at all costs will notRead More →

Socialist Register 2022New polarizations and old contradictions:The crisis of centrismEdited by Greg Albo and Colin Leys320 pages; 978-1-58367-937-1; $29 paper Reviewed by Seth Sandronsky Socialist Register 2022 provides a thought-provoking analysis of the factors and forces driving multiple polarizations in our world. They include nation and race identities, social classRead More →

If Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were somehow transported to the present day and given a newspaper, the apparent absence of class conflict would probably make revolutionaries believe they had won. They would see a society divided on all sorts of issues – from identity politics to the right COVID-19Read More →

The strategy adopted by central governments to manage the economic downturn of COVID-19 was simple: bail out the entire capitalist class. Governments in the industrialized world, including that of the United States, have spent billions of dollars providing subsidies to owners, multinational corporations and financiers throughout the pandemic. Although vaccinesRead More →

You can attribute just about everything you have touched, eaten or worn today to capitalism. But you can also blame it for some of the world’s worst problems. Is it broken? Or an urgent need to reinvent? Session 2 of TED2022 featured five thought-provoking talks that brought us to someRead More →

This week, the Conservative government announced that the UK is set to embrace the cryptocurrency craze, in a bid to attract investors from around the world. Instead of welcoming these spies and speculators, we must expropriate the billionaire class. Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently said Britain is striving to become aRead More →

The country united states of americaUS Virgin IslandsU.S. Minor Outlying IslandsCanadaMexico, United Mexican StatesBahamas, Commonwealth ofCuba, Republic ofDominican RepublicHaiti, Republic ofJamaicaAfghanistanAlbania, People’s Socialist Republic ofAlgeria, People’s Democratic Republic ofAmerican SamoaAndorra, Principality ofAngola, Republic ofAnguillaAntarctica (the territory south of 60 degrees S)Antigua and BarbudaArgentina, Argentine RepublicArmeniaArubaAustralia, Commonwealth ofAustria, Republic ofAzerbaijan, RepublicRead More →

Sex and relationships are important topics in therapy. Whether the problem is conflict with a partner or spouse, the decision of whether or not to stay in a relationship, the pain and confusion after a breakup or divorce, frustrations with dating and single life, or questions about sexuality, therapy canRead More →

Differences between capitalism and socialism: Capitalism is a political and economic theory postulating that the means of production should be controlled by individuals. It is centered on individuals who own and control the production and distribution of goods and services. Savage capitalism is extreme capitalism, where individuals are free andRead More →

While Russia is waging war on Ukraine, President Joe Biden and Democratic Party politicians are waging war on America and capitalism. The reduction in domestic oil and gas production has wreaked havoc on trade around the world, as if two years of the pandemic hadn’t hurt us enough. In theRead More →

Adam Harmsworth, Coventry Socialist Party Woke Capitalism provides a useful introduction to the well-deserved critique of corporations that co-opt and sabotage progressive movements. Author Carl Rhodes gives us many examples of companies embracing slogans, gimmicks and campaigns on social issues: Ben and Jerry’s “Pecan Resist” flavor with proceeds going toRead More →

The headlines of the media on February 22 In today’s media, Chris Rufo thanks John Oliver for his ‘unwitting favour’ following critical monologue on race theory, Washington Post editorial board expresses support for federal list of d flight ban for passengers who disobey mask mandates, and NBC’s Beijing Olympics ratingsRead More →

Much has been written about the immense increase in economic inequality that has taken place in recent times and various startling figures have been provided by organizations like Oxfam, which has just released a report called Inequality kills. This shows that the wealth of the 10 richest men has doubledRead More →

Through Roger McKinneyContributor | Monday, February 14, 2022 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., speaks at the National Action Network convention in New York on Friday, April 5, 2019. | The Christian Post/Leonardo Blair Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) said in a recent interview that capitalism is irremediably bad: “So for me, capitalism atRead More →

When the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, a cheer went up across the continent as it marked the end of communism in East Germany and Central Europe. This was followed in 1991 by the breakup of the former Soviet Union, with the Central Asian republics becoming sovereign states.Read More →

Online comments and complaints have been circulating freely since the New York Times announced that it was buying Wordle, the online puzzle game that has become a global sensation, and I’m not alone in lamenting the likelihood that Wordle will soon be transformed from some sort of public good availableRead More →

Breadcrumb Links PF Comment There are too few billionaires in Canada — or anywhere else, for that matter — to fund an expansive welfare state Pedestrians cross the intersection of Bay Street and Wellington Street West in Toronto’s Financial District. Photo by Galit Rodan/Bloomberg Files Content of the article ReadingRead More →

The hideout was the largest seizure of drug money in Panama’s history – Copyright Afghan Taliban/AFP/File STR You wouldn’t think capitalism would be a lot of a topic these days, but surprisingly, it does. Existing capital structures have failed miserably in many ways over the past few decades, and theRead More →

Breadcrumb Links PF comment William Watson: A substitute for “capitalism” is “flourishing”, which happens to societies when they adopt the capitalist approach Author of the article: William watson Photo by Photo Illustration by Gigi Suhanic / Financial Post Content of the article Capitalism has created more prosperity and progress forRead More →

By Jim ThompsonHCP columnist Capitalism is defined as “an economic and political system in which the commerce and industry of a country are controlled by private for-profit owners, rather than by the state”. Capitalism created the largest economy in the history of the world (ours) and lifted more people outRead More →

The future of capitalism is the title given to this book transcription of the 25th Munk Debate held in Toronto two years ago. It’s a provocative title but a little misleading in that the four eminent thinkers who participated in it were much more focused on capitalism as it isRead More →

My colleague Jeff Jones recently reviewed Gallup’s updated research on American public responses to the words “socialism” and “capitalism.” The new data shows little change in these attitudes from previous surveys, with 60% of Americans having a favorable view of capitalism (38% unfavorable) and 38% having a favorable image ofRead More →

The the authors are among the world’s leading economists known for their critical assessments of capitalism. And the blurb for the book says, “Traditional economics views capitalism as an isolated and closed system. In this groundbreaking book, authors Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik argue that this is both historically falseRead More →

In particular, the World Economic Forum (WEF) advanced the concept of stakeholder capitalism designed to make the capitalist system more viable and dynamic through greater inclusion and consideration of factors such as long-term economic goals. term and sustainability. According to Klaus Schwab, “Stakeholder capitalism is a form of capitalism inRead More →

In this week’s Hok Talk, we discuss the different and conflicting goals that make baseball less enjoyable than it could possibly be. Baseball is a sport. sport 1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes with another or others for entertainment. If itRead More →

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the October Jobs Report at the White House in Washington, DC on November 5, 2021. Evelyne Hockstein | Reuters Well done, President Biden. America wants gentler, gentler capitalism; he does not want galloping socialism. You understood it: Trickle up must reaffirm its democraticRead More →

But muscle building has earlier origins as well, including in Mr. Musk’s own biography. Much of Muskism descends from the technocratic movement that flourished in North America in the 1930s, which was led by Mr. Musk’s grandfather, Joshua N. Haldeman, a staunch anti-Communist. Like muscism, technocracy was inspired by scienceRead More →

Last month, the Fraser Institute released its annual report Economic freedom of the world report. As usual, he showed that “economic freedom” is positively correlated with many good things and negatively correlated with many bad. Defenders of capitalism love the Fraser Institute. Libertarian philosopher Jason Brennan, for example, made extensiveRead More →