‘Big government socialism’ is at the heart of Biden’s agenda, says Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence said the Biden administration’s adherence to “big government socialism” was reflected in nearly every political issue emanating from Washington, particularly the multi-trillion dollar spending proposal against to a possible vote in Congress this week.

At a Wednesday night event celebrating the opening of Advancing American Freedom, an organization founded by Pence, the former vice president met with hosts of the “Ruthless Podcast” on the rooftop of his organization’s new headquarters overlooking the US Capitol. United States. Pence discussed a range of topics for 45 minutes in front of a live audience.

“As I traveled across the country, I thought it would be bad; I didn’t think it would be that bad, ”Pence said. “Left-wing socialist ideology is in the saddle on virtually every issue, until this week’s massive effort, this so-called infrastructure bill and the massive $ 5.5 trillion government expansion federal.”

Pence attributed the political change to the self-proclaimed socialists, led by Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“Bernie Sanders lost the nomination, but he won the party,” Pence said. “I served in the House with Bernie Sanders and he’s a socialist. It’s not pejorative, that’s how he would describe himself most of the time. Now he is in the Senate and his ideas are in the saddle.

This week, Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to bicker over two massive spending bills as they attempt to fund the government before the October 1 fiscal year begins. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been unable to bridge a divide within her own caucus regarding the enormous cost of legislation and its impact on almost every aspect of American life.

“This freight train of big government socialism, costing perhaps $ 5.5 trillion – probably several times in the end – is just one more example of this kind of policy that really stops everything and represents a failure of the leadership of the administration, the President and the future former Speaker of the House, ”Pence said.

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks to hosts of the “Ruthless Podcast” on the roof of Advancing American Freedom, his new organization in Washington, DC (Photo courtesy of Hannah MacInnis)

Citing the Trump administration’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, Pence noted that lawmakers on both sides have worked collaboratively to address the challenges America faces. He said Biden set the tone early in his administration when Democrats decided to drop any pretext for bipartisanship.

“I wasn’t surprised, but I was deeply disappointed that after a year where everything we’ve done in response to the COVID pandemic with Congress, we’ve done it in a bipartisan fashion – every project of the law we passed to deal with COVID was passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority. basis – then the first bill they proposed on COVID was passed on a partisan basis, ”Pence said. “I think that set the tone for the environment we have in Congress today.”

Pence, who previously served in the United States House and later as governor of Indiana, said today’s political environment reminds him of 2009 when a newly elected Democratic president and Congressman led by Democrats crossed the line and faced a strong rebuke in the 2010 midterm elections.

“It is up to our party this year on the ground and next year in the campaigns to offer the American people an alternative that rejects the socialism of big governments and defends free market capitalism,” Pence said. “We also need to articulate a positive, conservative agenda that will draw the American people to us.”

Pence is a columnist for The Daily Signal, The Heritage Foundation’s multimedia news organization, where he is a Distinguished Guest Fellow.

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