The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), which currently has four MEPs, was presented in Madrid (Spain) on 16th June. Its president Valeriu Ghiletchi explained that “the ECPM is the only European political party that explicitly promotes Christian values ​​in politics. Our movement brings together like-minded individuals, parties and organizations fromRead More →

Spending on symbols of success is universal, but the definition of success varies in an increasingly multicultural America. Tweet that Access the latest research in The Conference Board Multicultural Consumer Survey series. To understand How ethnic identity is reflected in service purchases, the project surveyed 2,000 multicultural U.S. households toRead More →

In 2017, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s La France Insoumise sat alongside Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece, Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the United States and the Labor Party under Jeremy Corbyn as part of a “wave left-wing populist movement that combined charismatic and radical leadership. Strategies. He channeled the anger of FrenchRead More →

By Margaret Kimberly The following article was published on Black Agenda Report on May 29. The shortage of infant formula is not a problem in the system. It actually illustrates all that is wrong when the profit motive reigns. Capitalism cannot ensure a food supply or anything else that humansRead More →

Climate Change and Capitalism in Australia: An Eco-Socialist Vision of the Future From Hans A BaerRoutledge Press, London, 2022xi+240 pp., $35.96 per person Anthropologist Hans A Baer is a well-established writer on global warming and capitalism. In his latest book, Climate Change and Capitalism in Australia – An Eco-Socialist VisionRead More →

From May 31, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov began a tour of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Lavrov’s main objective during these visits is to strengthen ties between Russia and the GCC countries in a global race for geopolitical dominance. The Middle East, particularly the Gulf region, isRead More →

In Half-Earth Socialism: A Plan to Save the Future from Extinction, Climate Change, and the Pandemics, Drew Pendergrass and Troy Vettese define a vision of how we can avoid a dystopian future by stabilizing the environment and simultaneously working towards a just society. The book reorients the dominant values, prioritiesRead More →

⚡ Welcome to The weekly authoritythe Android Authority newsletter that breaks down the top Android and tech news of the week. 197th edition here, with this Pixel 7 prototype, Galaxy foldable specs, Final Fantasy 16 updates, and some good news for coffee drinkers. 🎉This week marked the Queen’s Platinum JubileeRead More →

Important institutions of the global system are trying to create medium and long-term solutions and responses on very important topics. However, it still seems very difficult to find solutions that hit home, as the two “black swans”, the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, still leave many uncertainties hanging overRead More →

Capitalism is dead in Australia. Long live capitalism. The economic system that made the West rich has been defeated – by itself. It was the election of new awakened capital vs old lazy capital which saw the new kids win while the old ones slept. Having recently watched the GreensRead More →

General elections in New Zealand, Barbados and now Australia have shocked the world. All three elections brought to power social democratic labor parties that campaigned on progressive political platforms. The Barbados election is unique in that Prime Minister Mia Mottley led the Barbados Labor Party to win all contested seats.Read More →

Fintechs and payday lenders are aggressively lending to gig economy workers even as banks and large non-bank financial corporations (NBFCs) become more conservative in the space. Fintech lenders saw demand for food and grocery delivery managers with various app-based platforms jump up to 40% in Q4FY22, industry executives said. HigherRead More →

Just a few space-loving billionaires. — Open democracy How long can billionaires keep amassing wealth while the world’s poorest struggle to buy food? request Paul Roger While it has long been clear that the global economic model is not working for everyone, the rate of wealth accumulation by a smallRead More →

Islam and Economics: An Introduction to Markets, Morality and JusticeBy Ali SalmanActon Institute, USAISBN: 978-1880595466160pp. Pakistani public scholar Ali Salman’s new book, Islam and Economics: A Primer on Markets, Morality and Justice, is a must-have, offering a slightly non-academic overview of Islamic economics. I found myself developing an interest inRead More →

The era of modern American business is defined by CEOs celebrated for their wild growth, wild personalities, and wild wealth. Why is it important: Leading my second company as CEO, I am increasingly convinced that this model of fame, growth at all costs and growth at all costs will notRead More →

Editor’s Note: Lee Enochs is a graduate student of the Mayborn School of Journalism and a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary. At the risk of sounding like a gadfly or contradicting popular opinion, there seem to be good reasons why one should reject socialism as a viable economic system andRead More →

City Council approved a pilot program at its May 5 meeting to provide monthly payments of $1,000 to 85 households for an entire year. Once people are accepted into the guaranteed income pilot, they won’t have to “prove” they still need the help, as many government-run financial aid programs normallyRead More →

In an interview ahead of a conference in Budapest of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Miklós Szánthó, the head of the Center for Fundamental Rights think tank, called the Hungarian right “the most successful political movement in Western Civilization”. ”. He told public radio that conservatives in the WesternRead More →

Socialist Register 2022New polarizations and old contradictions:The crisis of centrismEdited by Greg Albo and Colin Leys320 pages; 978-1-58367-937-1; $29 paper Reviewed by Seth Sandronsky Socialist Register 2022 provides a thought-provoking analysis of the factors and forces driving multiple polarizations in our world. They include nation and race identities, social classRead More →

Studies have long shown that high school students are woefully misinformed about personal finances and how to manage them. But the COVID-19 pandemic, which has revealed how many American adults are living on the financial edge, has spurred ongoing efforts to make financial literacy classes a school requirement. Seven statesRead More →

Even before the war in Ukraine and the severe Western sanctions imposed on Russia, the global economic and financial system was entering a period of transition, says an economic expert. This was elaborated by Sergey Glazyev, former Russian Minister for Foreign Economic Relations, in his book on the current situationRead More →

If Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were somehow transported to the present day and given a newspaper, the apparent absence of class conflict would probably make revolutionaries believe they had won. They would see a society divided on all sorts of issues – from identity politics to the right COVID-19Read More →

US President Joe Biden has called the Trump movement “the most extreme political organization” to have existed in recent US history, deepening his criticism of the former president’s hold on the Republican Party at the following revelations about the likely conservative-led Supreme Court decision to eviscerate abortion rights. Biden’s commentsRead More →

Michigan residents without financial resources spend about $3,000 on bank charges each year. Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Open Account Coalition (MOAC) announced a low-cost account available to Michigan residents who are unbanked or underbanked. A Federal Reserve Report 2019 found that 22% of American adults are either unbankedRead More →

The strategy adopted by central governments to manage the economic downturn of COVID-19 was simple: bail out the entire capitalist class. Governments in the industrialized world, including that of the United States, have spent billions of dollars providing subsidies to owners, multinational corporations and financiers throughout the pandemic. Although vaccinesRead More →

On January 26, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a “Request for Information Regarding Fees Charged by Providers of Consumer Financial Products or Services.” In a contemporary statement, CFPB Director Rohit Chopra described the request for information as the start of “a new effort to help American families save billionsRead More →

In his April 26 “Your Turn,” DeVoe Moore laments the rise of socialism and the decline of capitalism in the United States. In doing so, he calls the government’s response to Covid 19 “unnecessary spending” and presents some figures for government spending to deal with this national crisis. In hisRead More →

Monday, April 25, 2022 12 p.m.; State House Library THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF RHODE ISLAND TO HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE WITH RIGOP PRESIDENT SUE CIENKI AND SENATE MINORITY WHIP JESSICA DE LA CRUZ On Monday, April 25, the Republican Party of Rhode Island (RIGOP) will hold a press conference withRead More →

The biggest, most common attack launched by the GOP is that Democrats are socialists and embrace socialism and all its evils. This has been a very effective strategy because it does not distinguish between democratic socialism as practiced by virtually all western democracies and communist socialism as represented by CubaRead More →

You can attribute just about everything you have touched, eaten or worn today to capitalism. But you can also blame it for some of the world’s worst problems. Is it broken? Or an urgent need to reinvent? Session 2 of TED2022 featured five thought-provoking talks that brought us to someRead More →

The India of the 1980s was a time of intense political turmoil across the country, including armed and disruptive movements widely supported by some constituencies, their demands ranging from statehood to secession. One such move was the call for Gorkhaland, which many Gorkhas – Indian Nepalese living in West Bengal’sRead More →

Design and engineering challenges inherent in developing a U.S. central bank digital currency (CBDC) will take years, not months, says Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Thursday at the American University of Washington. The event marked the first time Yellen publicly aired his views on digital assets since President Joe BidenRead More →

This week, the Conservative government announced that the UK is set to embrace the cryptocurrency craze, in a bid to attract investors from around the world. Instead of welcoming these spies and speculators, we must expropriate the billionaire class. Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently said Britain is striving to become aRead More →