America is losing its youth to socialism

America has a problem with socialism, and it is a problem that only gets worse with each school year.

But that’s by design.

The Democratic Party’s playbook is to make the next generation the best little sheep they can be. Why? To better consolidate the party’s power, of course.

“Support for socialism increases by almost 10% among young Americans,” wrote the World Socialist Web Site in October 2020.

It’s a lot.

It was the pandemic that drove the rise, the WSWS found. As the county went into shutdown, the economy stagnated and stammered, Americans were increasingly forced to stay home, not work, settle for less, and the gap between haves and have-nots widened further – so did support for socialism, especially among the young.

The naive always fall into the trap of socialist gifts. They really believe that great government brings great things, and the bigger the government, the greater the good for all.

Picking up a history book would cure this naivety. Socialism, communism, collectivism, it’s the same thing. And it still brings the same devastation.

Nonetheless, fully “60% of Millennials (aged 24-39) support a ‘complete change in our economic system away from capitalism,'” wrote Meanwhile, about ‘57% of Gen Z are doing similarly: increases of 8 and 14 percentage points, respectively, compared to last year alone ”.

Thus, in one year, the youthful vigor of socialism increased by 8% for 24 to 39 year olds and 14% for 16 to 23 year olds.

These are America’s emerging leaders.

These are the people who will shape the American political system, run the American economy, determine the direction of American education. Open the borders wide and smile: More and more anti-American and non-American influences are pouring into this country, due to President Biden’s reckless administration in the White House.

Between schools that teach hatred of capitalism and the homeland, porous borders and a politicized coronavirus that the left is using to continue cracking down on freedoms, science is in danger, the fate of American freedoms is in peril.

The Conservatives must take back public schools – or take their children out of public schools.

This problem of American socialism will only get worse. Biden and his bunch of collectivists and globalists will make sure. Their political life depends on it.

Aside from abortion on demand, promising “free” stuff is the only platform Democrats have that work. The very existence of the Democratic Party depends on the ignorance of its voters.

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