63rd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution: socialism is superior to capitalism!

Freedom Road Socialist Organization Editorial |

December 31, 2021

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Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

For more than six decades, the Cuban people have created a system that provides free universal health care, free public education from kindergarten through college, and housing for people at approximately 10% of their income. This system is socialism. Despite six decades of US invasion attempts, blockades, embargoes, assassination attempts, sanctions and demonization, the record of the socialist mode of production in Cuba speaks for itself. As Mao said, “The fundamental cause of the development of a thing is not external but internal.” So we have to look at what happened inside Cuba to account for the success of its socialist path.

One of Cuba’s main achievements has been the establishment of a health care system almost unparalleled in the world. For example, the Cuban revolution and the establishment of socialism massively lowered the infant mortality rate, which continues to drop each year and has long been lower than that of the United States, to 4,262 deaths per 1,000 live births.

This puts many large American cities to shame – for example Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where discrimination and a for-profit health care system have resulted in 13.6 deaths per 1,000 live births among African Americans. The infant mortality rate for blacks is similar in other major US cities, such as Detroit and Minneapolis. Looking at the Black Belt South, home of the oppressed nation of African Americans, states like Alabama and Mississippi have almost double the national average infant mortality rate. It is clear that the capitalist system fails the poor and the workers. In literal questions of life and death, socialism prevails.

The means by which these achievements have come about is a government of, by and for the working people. Ruled by a communist party guided by the science of Marxism-Leninism, Cuba has been able to meet a number of challenges that capitalism has proven unable to solve elsewhere.

Faced with the loss of its main trading partner, the Soviet Union, the Cuban government focused on agriculture in favor of self-sufficiency and food sovereignty. With a socialist system, part of the education, technology and training is geared towards sustainable urban agriculture. The results have been substantial in terms of increased employment, increased caloric intake, reduced costly imports, reforestation and reduced air pollution.

While shifting part of its national focus to agricultural sustainability, Cuba has never lost its commitment to its medical system. It is not necessary to look further than the management of the COVID-19 epidemic in Cuba to understand the qualitative difference in the systems. Cuba has long had a higher per capita rate of doctors than the United States, publicly funded research and production of stem cell technologies, nanotechnology and, most importantly, vaccines. This commitment of resources and personnel, combined with attention to preventive and comprehensive health care, has strengthened the island nation against the high death rates from COVID-19 seen in capitalist countries like the United States and India. . And as always, Cuba continues to send vaccines, medical personnel and technology to the countries that need them, while the American capitalist monopoly sends soldiers and machines for death and destruction.

Socialist Cuba was able to fund these important institutions through state ownership of the tops of production. When the revolution seized land and much of the assets held by the United States and nationalized industries, it laid the foundations for a socialist system that eradicated illiteracy, poverty and the homelessness, is classified with a high human development index and continues to provide a dignified life. without subordination to a colonial or imperial power.

Workers in the United States have more in common with their brothers and sisters in socialist Cuba than we do with the corporate elite that dominates that country and tries to control Cuba. Cuba deserves our solidarity as we build a revolutionary movement that will bring real change to the United States

Long live the Cuban revolution!

Long live Socialist Cuba!