Because it makes for great political snippets, lawmakers are tossing around the idea of ​​re-policing financial institutions’ prices and the fees they charge for overdrafts and insufficient funds (NSF) fees. While the practices of some banks and credit unions to maximize their fee revenue through transaction display strategies are reprehensible,Read More →

Capitalism creates inequalities. Nature creates inequality. Different socio-economic systems reward different natural inequalities – intelligence, physical health, strength and beauty – with the incentives they create. Capitalism rewards the “bourgeois values” whose left makes fun of: economy, honesty, perseverance, hard work, prudence, tolerance and civility. Socialism rewards cruelty. Material inequalityRead More →

When cryptocurrency proponents talk about how it can turn traditional finance into obsolete finance, cross-border payments are inevitably the first thing they mention. There are reasons. SWIFT has left sending money from one country to another expensive, slow to the point of days and unavailable 24/7. It’s kind of ridiculousRead More →

Several political commentators have recently speculated that neoliberalism is dead. It’s not. This arguably soulless economic philosophy is evident in the new US Supreme Court ruling that has disarmed the federal government’s best weapon against global climate change. The court ruled that without specific direction from Congress, the Environmental ProtectionRead More →

As stated in our review article, New Left Review is one of the few socialist newspapers that shares a vision similar to International socialism on the conflict in Ukraine. This is reflected in its excellent double issue, which features articles on the war by Susan Watkins, Tony Wood and VolodymyrRead More →