Last month, the Fraser Institute released its annual report Economic freedom of the world report. As usual, he showed that “economic freedom” is positively correlated with many good things and negatively correlated with many bad. Defenders of capitalism love the Fraser Institute. Libertarian philosopher Jason Brennan, for example, made extensiveRead More →

Babasaheb Ambedkar wished to uplift the castes of the untouchables from the depressing social situation subjugated to promote them as equal seekers of social rights and political power. Ambedkarite policy was based on the realization that social elites lack ethical convictions regarding the emancipation of socially marginalized communities. Post-Ambedkar DalitRead More →

Now, Piketty has collected several dozen of these columns in an anthology (here translated by Kristin Couper), starting with an original 26-page essay boldly titled “Long Live Socialism!” After his in-depth exploration of deepening inequalities, Piketty concluded that the redistributive policies of social capitalism – slightly progressive taxes and socialRead More →