2.3 million young people in new political movement to tackle Nigeria’s failing system, Peller says

Oyo State Legislator representing Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa Federal Constituency, Hon. Shina Abiola Peller said on Saturday that about two million three hundred youths across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones have registered with a new political movement, We2GedaNG. the country’s failing system.

Peller, speaking to reporters shortly after the official launch of We2geda South-East and the execution of the strategic partnership with Reality Family Organization, in Awka, the capital of Anambra State, explains that the move has been formed to realize a new and unified Nigeria.

The legislator, who is also the national coordinator of the movement, said a more united Nigeria, in regards to the placement of tribes, ethnicities and religions, is possible in the nearer future with the support of the Association Nigerian National Student Association (NANS), Civil Society Organizations. and key political leaders concerned in Nigeria.


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2023: 2.3 million young people in a new political movement to tackle Nigeria’s failing system, says Peller